The educational activities of the Museum, coordinated by the CASTER in agreement with the Municipality , have yielded , so far, a remarkable fruition of historical and archaeological heritage on display in the relevant sections of the museum . In this sense , the Museum offers guided tours with knowledgeable staff , for groups or individual travelers , and educational tours for school groups , in this case processed according to the degree of education of the pupils. They are part of the educational work conducted in the Laboratory of Archaeological Restoration place inside the Museum, coordinated by expert restorers and aims to stimulate the interest and curiosity of the students as well as hone practical skills through the use of the same materials and some tools used for the restoration of the artifacts . In addition, within the circuit of the museum educational activities related to the improvement of knowledge of the historical and archaeological excavations made ​​through local search , the latter usually coordinated by University Professors and executed by the students such as internships .