Chiesa di San Zaccaria

The church of Saint Zachary is placed on the side opposite the Church of St. Nicholas. It was probably named after the Calabrian Saint Zachary, Pope of the Church of Rome from 741 to 752 AD. The date of erection is uncertain and the chruch probably originated as a chapel reserved for the monks of Monte Cassino, who lived in the nearby Palazzo del Vicario. Mentioned for the first time in 1446 AD, in the second half of XVII century it was renamed as Church of the Immaculate Conception, a title which was held until 1829 AD. The overall structure of the church dates back to the XIX century. It features a Baroque altar, with a statue of the   Mary Immaculate   in the aedicule and a wooden choir of great artistic interest. The façade of the XVI century features a portal, two ogival windows and a circular tympanum.