According to some sources, the small church of St. Peter has been the first parish of Cetraro. The church was located along Via Antica Lampetia, which connected the Porta di Basso with Largo San Giuseppe, and the first written sources related to its existence are dating back to 1446 AD. The building probably underwent some restoration works over the centuries and it was enlarged in the XIX century.

 Fig. 9 - Chiesa di San Pietro

However, the importance of the church declined over time, as it was surrounded by houses that prevented its further growth and overshadowed by the other two parishes. It was closed in 1923 and its title was transferred to the former Monastery Church of the Capuchins. Since the building was tumbling down, in the 1980s a good part of the structure was demolished. In fact, only few of its remains are still visible today: the remains of the facade, characterised by a calc-tufa portal, framed by two pilasters decorated with stems and leaves. The entrance to the church was located at the top of a staircase, of which only the calc-tufa handrail remains today.

Chiesa di San Pietro, corrimano in tufo