In the room in front of the Room VIII of the Museum on the second floor of the building has been recently prepared a separate section of the Historical Hall, designed to contain a large number of documents and materials related to administrative history from the local library where she was randomly inserted in the “Miscellaneous”. The most interesting documentary part of the Archive is undoubtedly covered by the collection of the acts of government, better known as Raccolta Ufficiale delle leggi e dei decreti del Regno d’Italia;

fig. 117 Palazzo Del Trono, Decreti e Leggi del Regno d'Italia

In this regard documentation kept covering a time span ranging from 1868 to 1941, and is equipped with internal search tools such as general alphabetical index, analytical and chronological. Since adjacent to the Library, to meet the pressing need for new temporary spaces and to meet some of the requirements of logistics-conservative part of the premises of the Archive section is currently being prepared as deposit volumes cataloged but no longer accessible since deteriorated and of library recently received but not yet cataloged.