Historical Section is conventionally attached to the Public Library , housed in the rooms on the first floor of the north wing of the palace.

Established in 1963 , the Library acts as an informative nature conservation as well as popular science , since it contains manuscripts and ancient books listed in their catalogs of the ” Old Fund ” .

At the end of the 90s , following a donation merged into the catalog of the Library ” Pallottini Fund ” or the entire collection of books in the library of the School “Silvio Lopiano ” composed of texts of general culture .

In recent decades, the number of volumes in the library has been greatly enhanced by the acquisition of new publications, but especially by the confluence of it substantial collection of books donated by famous people and famous families cetraresi .

Currently , it has a substantial bibliographic heritage consists of more than 15,000 books in electronic format and methodically cataloged for classes of materials , to name a few: History, Art History , Italian Literature, Philosophy, Medicine , Religion, Psychology.

Furthermore , in the field more widely general is to report , of course , the presence of the major encyclopedias and dictionaries of general culture, about 200 national periodicals dating back mostly to the first half of the last century , a collection of local titles and a variable number of brochures , the latter systematically grouped by topic and worthy of consideration for cultural inspiration and reflection that are able to suggest . The volumes , distributed in accordance with the relevant Funds are placed in display cases closed with glass doors in the Reading Room

fig. 112 Palazzo Del Trono, Sala di consultazione - S. Vincenzo Pallotti and open shelving in the Reception within which are stored volumes of more widespread consultation of local content, which in turn constitute the “Fund Calabria” is a vast complex of broad cultural interest publications spanning several fields of study, among which stand for the remarkable consistency those related to socio-cultural dynamics of Cetraro and its province, and those relating more broadly the history and culture of Calabria and its major cities.

fig. 113 Palazzo Del Trono, Reception Biblioteca

The continuous increase in volumes, constantly monitored by qualified personnel and has strengthened the institutional visibility of the Library as well as the essential function of its action, namely preservation and dissemination of knowledge. In view of its function, as well as a specific role information within the local society, it represents a real point of reference for any external user interested in the various intellectual activities.


Ancient Collection

Among the different sections through which it was divided the corpus of books from the library stands for consistency and relevance of content to the section called “Funds Ancients”, containing a number of library collections consist mostly of rare books and antique and therefore accessible only for scientific purposes.

It is the material collected by notable families cetraresi characters or retired during their business and then donated to the Library. The accommodation has been strictly adhered to the unity of these funds by giving each a specific location so as to make them easily distinguishable both on the shelf and in the electronic catalog. To give greater visibility to these funds is below a brief presentation of the most conspicuous and interesting book donations from the scientific point of view and content.



Pallottini Collection

Huge book collection consists of over 4,000 volumes of general culture entirely implemented as a result of the donation took place through the intercession of Don Vittorio Missori former Library of the Fathers Missionaries Pallottini, these rectors from 1947 to 1997 the renowned institute of higher learning and of ‘attached to the college, the Institute Silvio Lopiano, now the Town Hall.

At the time, with the opening of this religious institution the town of Cetraro entrusted to the Fathers of the fact Pallottini the task of educating spiritually and culturally educate not only young people, but the entire community cetrarese.

As a sign of gratitude and appreciation for their work within the company and bequests made ​​to the municipality of Cetraro decided to dedicate to St. Vincent Pallotti, founder of the Order, the Reading Room of the Library.



Lanza Collection

Consists of about 200 volumes, was donated to the town of Cetraro, through Prof. Leonardo Iozzi, by the late Prof Matilda Lanza.

fig. 114 Palazzo Del Trono - Fondo Lanza, Decretali

The main part of the fund is represented by the collection of the Corpus iuris canonical in which they are brought together six collections of canon law: the Decree of Gratian, the Decretals of Gregory IX, the Liber Sextus of Boniface VIII, the Clementines, the Extravagantes Iohannis XXII and Extravantes the comunes. It is printed volumes written in Latin and published in the mid-500.

In addition to these are recorded by the Fund a Holy Bible Vulgate dated 1765 and illustrated with full-page engravings, and some volumes turned entirely to theological and philosophical studies published within a framework of time ranging from 700 to 800”.


Sacra Bibbia Vulgata
Sacra Bibbia Vulgata
Some volumes of the Fund, including the collection of the Corpus iuris canonical, are currently under study.


Martorelli Collection

This is the heritage of the Library Att. Senator Francis Martorelli, who died in 2008, a figure which is strongly linked to the town of Cetraro, and especially to that of cetrarese Giannino Losardo, both considered heroes of the fight against the Mafia. Merged in the library catalog as a result of the donation ordered a few years ago by his wife, is an interesting collection of over 1,000 volumes, and political-legal documents.

fig. 116 Palazzo Del Trono, Fondo Martorelli


The transposition of this prestigious collection, the Library makes it able to provide new generations of students and all those interested in the subject assays political culture of the area. Currently underway is the task of cataloging and arrangement of the volumes members of the Fund.



Services of the Library

As part of its activities as a cultural institution, the Library offers services of reception, information provision, public reading and research support, thus allowing for a constant cultural updating of the local community. These services, governed by a Set of Rules, are managed by qualified personnel, also in charge of the equipment and the furniture available in the Library, and of the bibliographic heritage. During the opening hours of the Library, the personnel provides consultation services for texts and documents, assistance in consultation and archival research, external borrowing, interlibrary loan and photocopying for teaching or scientific purposes – in this latter case, the service is not provided for manuscripts and old books. The users may enjoy a reading room with 18 places in the Library, and a consultation room with Internet terminals.