The Museum of Bruttians and the Sea, hosted in the beautiful setting of the Palazzo del Trono of Cetraro, in the central Piazza del Popolo, where also stands the Fountain of Neptune (1898), which opened on 23 December 2011, is one of the most important museum of containers region.

Fig. 14  Palazzo del Trono

Housed within an FPA funded by the Region of Calabria, has become a destination from the outset of thousands of visits, returning to full merit in the regional museum network as one of the most visited and most popular pole.

The archaeological museum has three sections, the first two are located in the attic and the third on the second floor, enhanced by a rich array of educational, models and reconstructions, now also multimedia applications and virtual.


fig. 15 Pianta del Museo dei Brettii e del Mare

The first section describes the history of settlement in the Middle Tirreno Cosentino in the Hellenistic period (IV-III century BC.), The second is dedicated to the sea, navigation and commerce along the Tyrrhenian Sea in ancient times, and the third is instead related to archaeological medieval and Renaissance-era bass coming from the old town of Cetraro, one of the most important of the Tyrrhenian coast.