Museo dei Brettii – Sala I – Showcase 1

Red-figured, bell-shaped crater used in wine banquets (ritual of the symposium). High foot, flared lip, rod-shaped raised handles. The A side shows a naked Satyr sitting on a rock, facing left, with a torch in his left hand and an offering plate in his right hand; the B side shows a female character, perhaps a maenad, with sakkos, running towards the left, with a casket under her right arm. Under the handles: palmettes and spirals. Below the lip, there is a crown of leaves. The lower part is bordered by waves. The jar, produced in Campania at the end of the IV century BC, represents a significant moment in the Dionysian ritual: the satyr courting the maenad.

fig.-72-Cratere-a-figure-rosse-da-Pantana-di-Belvedere-M.mo_-300x225  fig. 28b