Sezione Storica – Fondo Cartografico Losardo – Sala X (Tavv. LXI – LXII – LXIII)

  • Provincia Calabria Citra (1831) (Hall X) (pl. LXI)
  • Provincia Calabria Ultra II (1836) (hall X) (pl. LXII)
  • Provincia Calabria Ultra I (1836?) (Room X) (pl. LXIII)

Oriented lithographs with marginal graduation, grid with a scale of 20-miles or 10-miles at 60 degrees, with an articulated legend featuring municipalities, roads and boundaries, of the same size (620×430 mm), dated between 1831 and 1836, edited by the Administration of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The maps are signed by Benedict Marzolla (signature at the bottom right corner) and taken from his Atlante corografico storico e statistico del Regno delle Due Sicilie eseguito litograficamente, compilato e dedicato a S.M. il Re Ferdinando II, Naples, 1832. Marzolla, a little known but very valid author, was a fine illustrator; the subsequent editions of his Atlante were among the most up to date descriptions of Italy.

The left side of the maps shows the subdivision into administrative districts (Paola, Rossano, Cosenza, Castrovillari for the Provincia Calabria Citra-1831; Cotrone, Catanzaro, Nicastro, Monteleone for the Provincia Calabria Ultra II-1836; Gerace, Reggio and Palmi for the Provincia Calabria Ultra I-?).
The right side shows the subdivision in Dioceses (Cosenza, Rossano, Bisignano-S. Marco, Cassano and Cariati for Calabria Citra; Catanzaro, S. Severina, Mileto, Nicastro, Tropea-Nicotera, Squillace, Cotrone for Calabria Ultra II; Reggio, Bova, Gerace, Oppido for Calabria Ultra I) as well as historical references, data on custom houses, courts, natural products, factories and industries.

The lithographs feature few place names, a graphically enhanced topography, coloured lines to mark the administrative boundaries.