Sezione Storica – Fondo Cartografico Losardo – Sala X (Tav. XLIII)

Il Regno di Napoli diviso nelle province (1782) (showcase, Hall X) (pl. XLIII)

The map, Il Regno di Napoli diviso nelle province, di nuova proiezione (1782), was published by Antonio Zatta (1757-1797), who worked in Venice as a copperplate engraver, typographer, and publisher of maps. We know little of his life, though he produced a large amount of sketches of architectural elements.

The 550×420 mm engraving is signed by G. Pitteri (bottom right) for the drawing and by G. Zuliani for the engraving. The map, with its well-preserved colour, features marginal graduation, a grid and a 60-miles scale.

It clearly refers to Rizzi Zannoni’s map; around the colourful and nice cartouche, we have the representation of St. George slaying the dragon. The decoration is very faithful and fairly accurate. On the Tyrrhenian coast, the Dino Island is described as Mantinera Island.