Sezione Storica – Fondo Cartografico Losardo – Sala X (Tav. LXXIII)

  • Provincia di Cosenza (1861) (Hall X) (pl. LXXIII)

One of the latest products of the Losardo collection (maps of the Kingdom of Italy) is the large lithograph (1000×900 mm) depicting the Province of Cosenza, with a rich and varied legend of conventional signs (roads, boundaries, reclamations), scale 1:150,000.

It is a modern and updated map, with a high definition and very detailed; it marks and indicates, with coloured lines, municipal boundaries, the names of many districts and villages. There are also some altitudes reported, a parameter never present on any other card of the Losardo Collection.

The province is crossed by a dense network of railroads and cartways, with the contours of land reclamation works especially in the plain of Sybaris, and a rich hydrographic network. The map was without doubt a reliable and updated document for the time in which it was conceived.