Sezione Archeologica (Il Medioevo) – Sala VIII – Vetrina 13

Half columns and capitals with stylized human protome (XV – XVI century.?)


The block of sandstone, found in from the old town of Cetraro, was the upper end of a vertical architectural element with load-bearing function (clustered column?), as suggested by the two small half-columns carved on one side of the block and the capital with human protome engraved on the opposite side. The decoration indicates that the piece belongs to an element inserted into an external structure, probably a porch or a cloister. The stylized material processing suggest that the work was made by local artisans and that it should be dated between the XV and XVI centuries.  In order to inhibit the action of moisture absorption by the material, several consolidation interventions were performed on the block, by means of an immersion with 3% Paraloid B72 resin in acetone.


fig.-69-Blocco-monolitico.-Lato-con-volto-umano-inciso-dal-Centro-Storico[1]         fig.-104-Blocco-monolitico.-Lato-con-semicolonne-dal-Centro-Storico[1]