Museo del Mare – Sala VII – Espositore Centrale

Dressel 1

This container, the best known and most studied of the Republican age, appears in the last third of the II century BC and lasts until the end of the I century BC. This amphora has a tapered ovoid body with carinated shoulder, a long cylindrical neck, the lip with an almost vertical band (the triangular section of the types MGS VI reduces its width until losing its prominence). It is dated between the end of the II and the beginning of the I century BC. Also for this amphora, spread throughout all the Western Mediterranean, we must assume that it was used for transporting wine.

Dressel 1A

Dressel 2/4

The Dressel 2/4 represents the typical late-Republican container manufactured in Italy, with a close relationship with the amphorae of Kos. It has a tapered body, carinated shoulder, cylindrical neck, a small lip with a more or less pronounced ring, the typical bifid or double rod handles, sometimes with a rounded elbow. This type of amphora was widespread in the Mediterranean between the half of I century BC and the end of I century AD. It was used for wine transport.