Museo dei Brettii – Sala I – Showcase 2

Support for mirror in the shape of a bronze statue. It’s a female character dressed with a peplum, with the apoptygma that falls just below the waist. The tunic leaves the arms bare, with some vertical folds at the same height, while the modelled breasts stand beneath the dress, softened by three horizontal and lowered waves. The tunic flattens on the belly. The lower part presents vertical flaps that form a rich puff of folds on the left side and suggest a seam inside the dress. On the shoulders the openings of the peplum are clearly visible. The type of fabric is made with hollow dots. The tunic leaves the feet bare, both on the front and on the back. The girl stands on the right leg, while the left rests slightly flexed. The hair are split on the forehead in large clumps and covered with a veil. The right arm is stretched forward, but the left hand, which probably held an object, is not present. The face is sweet and affable, with a protruding eyeball, a sharp nose profile, fleshy lips and chubby cheeks. The neck is strong and solid. Coarseness in the arms and feet.

This is an original and unique mirror support, probably produced in Locri, dating back to the late V century BC.

fig. 77 Sostegno di specchio in bronzo