Museo dei Brettii – Sala IV – Showcase 7 – Upper shelf

Bronze belt with thin lamina; the holes are aligned along the edges of the lamina. Female end for fixing the padding of the belt, in organic material, provided with three pairs of holes with embossed collar in the shape of a horseshoe for the insertion of the hooks. Male end provided with a pair of hooks fixed to the lamina by means of four rivets. The arch of the hook is decorated with an arrowhead along the sides; two engraved lines are parallel to the base of the triangle. The junction plate has the form of a palmette composed of nineteen leaves, spaced by a pair of spirals. The details are punched or engraved. The belt can be classified into Type 1b, cl. Suano; it is the most characteristic piece of equipment of the Italic male.

fig. 44 Il cinturone della tomba 1