Museo dei Brettii – Sala II – Showcase 4 – Upper shelf

Group of three skewers with quadrangular section rod and flattened grip with a rounded triangular shape; pair of andirons made of a thin plate with rectangular section bent upward at the two ends, with the terminal section that becomes thinner and bends like a ‘S’, fixed through a small nail on a pair of fragmentary supports with an inverted ‘U’ shape.  The typical lead set, used in meat banquets, was found in three of the ten tombs found (tomb 1, 4 and 12, respectively. Skewers (usually three or four) and the pair of andirons reproduced symbolically the utensils of everyday life related to the banquet and specifically to the ritual of cooking meat: in this case, the symbolic function is confirmed by the fact that they are often miniaturized and made of lead.

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