Museo dei Brettii – Sala II – Showcase 4 – Lower shelf

Black-painted skyphos with overpainted decoration. On one side, near the rim, in the space between the two horizontally set handles, three upper and two lower engraved lines that enclose an engraved wavy pattern, with traces of white overpainting. Below the two lower lines, two engraved and stylized withered branches, in which the leaves at the centre are represented by means of short, overpainted lines. They enclose a semicircular crown, in which the leaves represented by means of white, overpainted dots. On the other side: a withered branch that runs horizontally in the space between the two handles, immediately below the rim, where the leaves are represented by means of white and short overpainted lines. This rather complex decorative scheme may justify its classification into the Group B – Green, circle of the Rose Painter, active at the beginning of the style of Gnathia, dated 350-330 BC.