Sezione Archeologica (Il Medioevo) – Sala VIII

Type: Bell

Material: bronze

Age: 1542

Size: 32cm x 28cm

Origin: Mother – Church of Saint Benedict the Abbot



Tulip-shaped, flying- clapper bell that preserves the wooden yoke, to which it is attached by iron bands.

On the upper part of  the cap, it is possible to read the date of bell-founding, engraved in roman numerals: M CCCCC XXXX II, 1542. There is also engraved on the cap a little trilobated cross.

Before being exposed, the bell has been subjected to cleaning and restoration treatments, by preserving the state of oxide, at the laboratory of archeological restoration of the Museum.


Steps of restoration:

Removal of deposits of dust and droppings by brushes and paint brushes.  Cleaning with absolute ethyl alcohol (99.9%) applied by brush.

The wooden stump was cleaned with nitro thinner anti fog applied with a brush and with 100 grit sandpaper.

Note: the bell, belonging to the Mother Church of St. Benedict the Abbot, is temporarily exposed at the Historical Section of the Museum of Cetraro.


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