Sezione Storica – Fondo Cartografico Losardo – Sala IX (Tav. LIII)

Regno di Napoli  (end of XVIII century?) (Hall IX) (pl. LIII)

This engraving was attributed by Losardo to Hondius, perhaps for its size, very similar to the previous one (610×500 mm). Despite having the same subject, it seems to represent an archetype more than a century older, or more probably a copy of Johann Heinrich Weiss’ map (see above).

It is very well preserved, even the colours, and features a scale in Italic miles.

The map is framed on the left (from top to bottom) by the coats of arms of Abruzzo Ultra, Terra di Bari, Terra d’Otranto, Calabria Ultra and Calabria Citra, Capitanata, and on the right (from top to bottom) by those of Abruzzo Citra, Basilicata, Principato Ultra and Citra, Terra di Lavoro and Contado di Molise. In the lower right corner, a coloured cartouche and the coat of arms of the Crown remind us of the reigning dynasty of the Kingdom of Naples. Some elements are shared with Weiss’ map, as the folkloric representation of the Aeolian Islands (Stromboli in eruption), the vignettes, the presence of one or two wind roses, the choice of place names. Both this map and Weiss’ map could have had a single common archetype in the “workshop” of Hondius.